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5 Myths about Creating a Positive Mindset

It’s not uncommon when you first hear about mindset to think of it as “hocus-pocus” or, “a load of hippy rubbish”. It can be years after first hearing about it that you start to look a little more deeply at it and begin to peel back the layers and discover its power.

Before you’re able to do that though, we need to dispel a few myths around changing your mindset, because it’s not necessarily what you think it is about.

Creating a positive mindset is all positive thinking and affirmations

DEBUNKED. If you thought that mindset work was all about switching your thoughts to positive ones and repeating affirmations aloud, you’re not alone. These techniques are ones that many people learn first and are therefore often shared and spoken about across social media platforms.

However, mindset consists of much more than this, and for some people, these tools will not work at all.  Mindset is about more than just thoughts – it can also be about things such as beliefs, habits and strategies.

You’ll learn how to identify and change your beliefs, habits and strategies so that they support you in achieving your goals at the Mindset Success School.

Creating a positive mindset is creating a vision board

DEBUNKED. Some people love nothing more than gathering images together and creating a vision board. It helps them to gather their thoughts and decide the goals they want to set. For others, it’s the stuff of nightmares. Their goals can’t be summed up in an image, and it’ll just end up buried under a pile of other papers.

Whichever camp you’re in, you need to know that creating a vision board is not going to solve your mindset issues. Just like affirmations, a vision board is only one tool that can be used to help with a small aspect of mindset. It might help someone to remain focused on what they want to achieve and allow them to more readily recognise opportunities that can lead them on the right path.

But mindset cannot be reduced to doing one thing – if it were that simple, no one would need to work on their mindset!

Creating a positive mindset takes a long time

DEBUNKED. If you’re someone who is looking to change your mindset, the probabilities are that you will have been told one of two things: that it takes a long time or that you can achieve it overnight. As with most things in life, the truth is somewhere in the middle and can depend on several variables.

However, whatever the situation, it does NOT have to take a long time. You need to be ready and willing to do the work which can mean consistently implementing the tools. But if you are prepared to do this, results can be seen quickly.

On the other hand, don’t fall yourself into thinking that it can change overnight with no effort. Take inspired action; you’ll get the results.

Creating a positive mindset is woo-woo, voodoo & meditating on mountains

DEBUNKED. There are undoubtedly some people who are on the “woo-woo” side of things that promote mindset work – the two can fit well together. However, the tools and techniques used for improving your mindset are rooted in science.

Study after study reveals the benefits and positive impact of this work and, believe it or not, you don’t even need to meditate on a top of a mountain under the guidance of a monk…however much of a Hollywood trend it might be.

Mindset work can be done anywhere – in the comfort of your home, at your desk at work, and on the morning commute. The tools and techniques are wide and varied meaning you can always find one that you are comfortable with embracing rather than feeling like you’re heading down a path that is at odds with you.

Your current mindset is your parent’s fault

DEBUNKED. Oh, how we’ve embraced the idea of blaming our parents for everything! It’s now common knowledge that the first seven years of our life has the most significant impact on our mindset. It is when you form many of the beliefs and values that influence your decisions and thoughts. Meaning, parents have become an easy target.

But here’s the uncomfortable truth – it is only YOU who has control. You can choose to continue living with the map that you developed in those early years, or you can take control and change it. You. No one else.

If you’re ready to stop blaming your parents and start developing the mindset that will best serve you, then why not look at joining my Mindset Success School today?

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