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Are you overloading your washing machine?

Last week I was on the phone with a friend as I was getting some washing out of the machine.

I commented to her that some of the clothes hadn’t come out clean.

“Are you overloading your washing machine?” she asked.

Turns out I was.

And it made me think how this applies to other areas of our lives.

We try and cram so much into small pockets of time that we don’t give any one thing our full attention.

We dilute our focus so that our brains are busy juggling, sifting and sorting – trying to work out the priorities and the direction we want to go in.

We don’t take enough time to stop and pause to sort things into a plan or to-do list that will work for us.

We actually waste time by doing too many things at once – often getting distracted in the process – and then to re-do some of them because we don’t get the result we hope for.

We forget that by prioritising and choosing the right things to go in in smaller batches, we achieve the desired outcome.

So, I’m curious to know:

Are you “overloading your washing machine”?

And what will you be focusing on today?

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