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“I am…”
This is one of my favourite journal prompt activities to uncover identity, beliefs and values with my clients.

Because it’s a statement from which a wealth of information flows and the answers provide a whole lot of clues as to which area of your life or business needs attention.

It points to how you feel about yourself, your gifts and to the roles that you play in the world.

Today I read an article that really hit home for me. It was about how for many entrepreneurs our identity is bound together with what we do rather than who we are. How 24/7 access to information and business tools is numbing the connection we have with ourselves.

And it made me a little sad.
The other day one of the mums at school asked my 5 year old “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

And it made me a little angry.

For when I ask her to focus on a future that is unfolding, I will be posing the question “Who do you want to be?”

And I wonder what will come up for you when you take a pen and a piece of paper (or download the worksheet, you can access this worksheet and a whole load more free courses, tips and resources in our Member’s Lounge. Click here to sign in or register) and write YOUR responses to the phrase “I am…”

Write the words “I am” and then complete the sentence. Do this again and again and keep writing until you have no more answers.

Next, take a look back over what you’ve written and place a tick next to the statements, (both positive and negative) that are:

1. Roles you play, for example: mother, coach, business owner
2. States of being, for example: unfit or healthy
3. Emotions, for example: overwhelmed or happy
4. Beliefs, for example: “it’s impossible for me to do x” or “I’m capable of making ‘it’ happen!”

Once you’ve ticked all the “I am” statements that apply, reflect upon what this means to you. Take a page in your journal and note down:

What insights did you gain by completing the activity?
Are there roles that are more important to you or deserve more time and attention than others?
Are there states of being that you would like to change?
What emotions would you like to feel more of?
How will you make this happen?
Are there any beliefs that you need to change?
The “I am… exercise is a fabulous way for you to get to know yourself.

Please share your insights in the comments below or email me – I’d love to hear from you.

With all my best wishes

Lara Young Business Coach

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