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Rise to the challenge with our 5 day make it happen blasts.

One of the fastest ways that you can achieve results is to focus on one thing at a time.

At the Mindset Success School, you’ll enjoy monthly mindset challenges and achieve-a-thons to keep you accountable and moving forwards.

From creating a morning ritual that works for you, to accelerating your productivity, to discovering your purpose – each challenge is designed to move you closer to what you desire.

And to make it happen FAST.

All of our mindset challenges are based on one very simple universal philosophy.


Where attention goes, energy flows.

In each mindset enhancing challenge, you’ll be guided step by step to take the action and embrace the thoughts and behaviours that will have the most impact for you.

Each challenge is designed to develop your mindset and support you in making your dreams a reality. To get out of your own way and build the unshakable confidence to get things done.

Monthly Installments

£47 per month

Annual Payment

£299 REG £497

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