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Procrastinating? Here’s why:

There are many reasons why you procrastinate. All of them are grounded in your BELIEFS. Watch the videos below to learn why you procrastinate and some powerful tools to overcome it.

Grab a pen and paper + settle in for the Workshops below.

Workshop 1: The 7 Beliefs that Lead to Procrastination with Lara Young

Which beliefs resonated most with you? Were there some that you recognised immediately as being true? Share your insights by heading over to our Facebook Community or on Instagram @mindsetdimensions_  It’s now time to watch the second of our Procrastination workshops with Certified Mindset Coach and Mindset Success School Faculty Member, Emma Deaker.

Workshop 2: Overcoming Procrastination Workshop with Emma Deaker

Remember to complete your post-it note exercise and share which tips you’ll use as you take action in your life and business. These workshops are just two from our Sabotage to Success Experience. You’ll discover much more inside the Mindset Success School.

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