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Mindset Success School Faculty

Mindset Success School

Lacking self-belief? You’re not alone:

Too many female entrepreneurs doubt themselves, their abilities and their self worth. Watch the videos below, answer the questions asked to uncover the specific beliefs that are sabotaging your success. Then, experience a process to help you transform them. 

Watch the Self-Belief Workshops below.

Workshop 1: Uncovering Self-Belief Workshop with Lisa Archer

What new and empowering beliefs are you now re-programming your mind and body with? This session on beliefs is the start to deeper work and transformation inside the Mindset Success School.

Workshop 2: Sacred Word-Weaving Workshop with Julia Anastaciou

What was your experience as you let go of the past, embraced your present and created the future you desire? Remember,  you can BE the woman who has your dreams NOW.  Join Julia, Lisa and the amazing faculty of the Mindset Success School for more insights, tools and techniques to create your success mindset – mind, body and soul.

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